About Me

As an architect and landscape architect, I find inspiration in both historic and natural places.  During my travels, I´ll be learning more about the people and the planet through travel, study and volunteering. I hope to gain insight into myself and come home with a broader understanding of the people living on our interconnected planet.

I chose the moniker “Roving Adobe” because it references my interest in place-making, sustainability and travel. The adobe is a humble, earthen building-block utilized for thousands of years in desert communities around the world. In Tucson, Arizona, USA, the city I have called home for much of the past 15 years, adobe was the primary building material until the late 19th Century.

Adobe walls approaching two feet thick are common throughout Tucson and the region. Like an adobe, I am rooted to the desert.

At the same time, I enjoy moving about and seeing new places and people. I am very much at home making new friends and wandering the world trying to appreciate the elements of a place that make it unique.


10 Responses to “About Me”

  1. 1 Jenn

    Hey, drew!!! So excited to see your blog – and to see the pix! Will enjoy the vicarious experience. ;). Hugs to you, and very best thoughts and wishes!!!

  2. Thank you, Drew, for sharing your time in Guatemala, that wonderful país! I was in the Cuchumatanes during summer 2010, and this is so interesting and nostalgic for me. I’ll keep on following, until you come home to Tucson… ****donna

  3. Hi Donna! It sounds like you had a magical time in the area. I´m really looking forward to seeing the colorful villages in the Cuchumatanes in the next month or so that I am here….

  4. i found you!! 🙂
    and i miss you. but i’m so happy that you are finally living this dream. you are an inspiration. wander on! and be your passion…

  5. 6 Frances Burr

    Finally got onto your blog. Looks real good. Looking forward to following your great adventures.


    Aunt Fran

    • Thanks for checking in.. So far, the adventure has been great! I hope you and Larry are having a good winter in Florida!

  6. Hi, Andrew, it’s Yolanda. nice meeting you the other day in Xi’an. I just looked through ur blog and it’s amazing, especially the RTW trip. Hope i could start my own trip one day, lol 🙂

  7. 9 jf

    Bring back the Roving Adobe! Just checked out some NZ pix, now I want to hear more. Come visit OR!

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