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After spending a fabulous February in New Zealand there was one weekend remaining on my round-the-world trip. I was back in Sydney, where I had initially entered Australia in early January. It was overcast and cool, not the near record-setting heat that greeted my previous visit to the city. I visited a few of the attractions, including […]

Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand and is roughly translated as ‘Land of the Long White Cloud.’ While there were long white clouds on the North Island, they were definitely longer on the South Island. In fact, everything is longer, greater, bigger, and more dramatic on the South Island. The South Island was where […]

Flying across the Tasman Sea from Australia on a perfectly clear afternoon, I was excited to arrive in New Zealand during the middle of a South Pacific summer.  The Air New Zealand safety video on my flight over gave me a pretty good indication that I was embarking on a month to remember, a bit of a fairytale at […]

A Final Leap


Until I’m able to post more stories and photos from New Zealand, here’s a sneak preview of the big finale of my Round-the-World trip. Almost two years ago, I took a giant leap of faith, leaving my job and a stable situation to explore the world and try new things. To complete my travels, I […]

Although I was having a great time in Melbourne and could have easily spent another few days exploring the museums and enjoying the vibe of this mellow city, my flight to New Zealand originated in Adelaide, 450 miles further west along the coast in the State of South Australia. During my planning at the end of my time in India last […]

Following World War II, Australia had a population of about seven million people. Isolated and without a sizeable population to fend off invasion, Minister of Immigration, Arthur Calwell, famously proclaimed that Australia must “populate or perish“. In the decades since, Australia has grown surely, if not steadily to a current population of 21 million. While […]

Road Trip


Australia is perfect for road trips! Picking up my rental Toyota Yaris in Sydney, I had one week to travel to Melbourne where I would be leaving for Tasmania to walk the Overland Track. Open roads, light traffic, small towns and diverse landscapes made my first week a wonderful introduction to Australia. Heading south from Sydney, I stopped […]